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Favour Ndegwe

Assistant Producer/Researcher

Favourite Film/Series


Favourite Documentary

Journey of an African colony, Blood Brothers: Muhamed Ali & Malcolm X and 13TH.


Favour is a Kent-based Assistant Producer and Researcher who is passionate about understanding people’s experiences, feelings, decisions and motivations. She is obsessed with storytelling, the way choice of words, visuals, sound, and data can be used to create a narrative fascinates her.

She has a flair for the art of conversation and can adapt to her audience by honing in on verbal and non-verbal cues, listening out for the sentiments that may not be vocalised.

She has experience in designing research plans, and surveys, creating discussion guides for interviews, conducting qualitative research, planning, and facilitating interviews and workshops with contributors. Verification and fact-checking of information is important at Ubuntu and she will be responsible for coordinating that, ensuring all research activities are compliant according to the relevant data protection guidelines.

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